Industrial Hemp Farms Review

Micheal Sandford | Oct 28, 2020

Industrial Hemp Farms is a Colorado-based licensed hemp farming and wholesale business company. It is one of the largest Hemp flower distribution networks in the U.S. IHF LLC  is a substantial platform offering a wide range of services ranging from extraction and tolling to consultation of hemp logistics. From the moment of completion of the state-of-the-art processing facility, IHF is offering the CBD extraction services on a contract basis. IHF products and services include Farming, Wholesaling, Processing, and Consulting. 

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The products manufactured by IHF contain more than 99% cannabinoids and are packed with many health benefits. The motive of IHF LLC is to provide beneficial deals and to strengthen the connections and contacts in the Hemp industry. IHF is a trusted network that welcomes customers to tour their facilities. 

Industrial Hemp Farms Products

It is a one-stop platform to know more about the biomass industry. IHF covers the entire CBD and Hemp supply management chain. IHF provides customers a wide range of products ranging from Hemp flowers, Hemp products, CBD oil, and CBD isolates to Terpenes. New clients can get a FREE 15-minute consulting session by certified Hemp experts.

Some of the products on the IHF platform include:

  • Hemp flower
  • Hemp Biomass
  • CBD oil
  • CBD Vape pen cartridges
  • Terpsolate
  • Isolated Terpenes

Some of the branded CBD products include CBD Gummies, CBD hemp flower rolls, CBD Infused Gourmet Popcorn, CBD gel capsules, and bath bombs.

Industrial Hemp Farms Reviews

Wholesale Purchases

Industrial Hemp wholesales Cannabis extract-based manufactured and processed products. It is effortless to place a wholesale request from the website just by entering some personal details along with the requirements. IHF strives towards customer satisfaction and cost-effective products that benefit both customers and businesses in the Hemp and CBD industry.

It offers wholesale quotes for purchases over $2000.

Versatile Products

All the IHF products are well known for their purity and versatility. For instance, CBD isolate crystals are designed to offer immediate results. Customers can quickly dab the CBD crystals into their vaporizer pen. It can be used as a potent tincture when melted in an olive oil solution. One of the best solutions to make it edible is to use it in making brownies, cookies, or butter. Some of the users prefer to add CBD into a cup of coffee or tea. You can get detailed information on every product that you wish to buy.

CBD Flower Affiliate Program

IHF launches an affiliate program to help commercial websites dealing with the CBD hemp flower and Cannabinoid promote their traffic and sales on a commission basis. This affiliate program offers banners and textual links to place within the site. It provides real-time statistics with which customers can check their sales, traffic, account balance, and banner performance.

Affiliate login set up is built within the website. IHF sells the bulk amounts of premium flowers online with COAs. All the licensing information and testing documents are publicly available on the website.  

Benefits for Hemp Farmers

IHF LLC buys all kinds of biomass. It is an excellent platform for the farmers to sell their Hemp biomass at the best price. Farmers can get the best pricing quotes to sell their products by calling or writing an Email to IHF. 

Why Customers Choose IHF LLC?

IHF pleases the customers with same-day shipping for a wide range of products.  Customers can get plenty of discounts on wholesale purchases and points with every purchase. This site provides authentic customer reviews for every product. It offers a safe, reliable, and faster payment gateway. The website is facilitated with a speedy search bar to display the availability of the product that you are searching for. Social media links of IHF are embedded on the top right of the page.

Overall Website Experience

The website is featured with a separate blog to provide users detailed information on Hemp, CBD, and Cannabis and its related products. The website is free from ads and offers a safe and faster browsing experience. The website is facilitated with the newsletter subscription to keep the customers updated with the latest deals. Customers can quickly solve their queries through Email or contact numbers provided on the site. The website accumulates all the buyer’s FAQ in one place. Customers can get notifications about the latest deals on the website.

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