How to Take CBD Oil?

Team CBDOils.Guide | Jul 24, 2020

All known about the CBD- its health benefits and its derivative. Now the major part to know is how to consume, the measures, direction, and precaution. When it’s your first time, it is tough to calculate the CBD oil dosage. The answer for the CBD consumption depends upon the factor of why you are taking, your weight, and CBD oil strength. Every individual’s endocannabinoid system varies from each other, and similarly, the dosage also varies. Some will get relief with 5mg twice a day, while others need almost 100mg four times a day or higher!The dosage quantity depends on the reason you are taking CBD oil, such as for anxiety, cancer, pain, seizures, or another reason. The dosage could be more or less depending on the pain. It is recommended to consult your physician or doctor before starting CBD oil consumption. Regular Dosage Intake (RDI) will also help in calculating the daily dosage. Better is to start with the recommended minimum dosage from the CBD calculator. If you do not feel comfortable or the dosage is not enough, then increase the dosage of mg of CBD until you feel cozy with the results. We have carved out here the most accurate high-quality research on CBD. There are 4 major ways to consume CBD oil, as well as the best dosage you need as per your body requirement. While shopping CBD, there are few things you must look for- 

Full Or Broad-Spectrum CBD

To achieve the full scope of health benefits, you must look for CBD products with full or broad-spectrum oil instead of isolate or distillate CBD before purchasing CBD. All the full-spectrum oils extracted from the cannabis plant contains all cannabinoids, which includes both CBD and THC. Similarly, broad-spectrum oils contain most cannabinoids but normally do not contain THC. The studies have also witnessed that CBD and THC work more effectively, also referred to as the ‘entourage effect,’ when consumed together than they effect when taken alone.  The cannabis volatile organic compounds such as terpenes are formed from less processed cannabis like the full-spectrum and broad-spectrum. Majorly terpenes affect the smell and taste of the CBD product, and even it has medical benefits of its own.

Lab-Tested CBD

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has yet not passed CBD under regulation. So it is essential to make sure that when you purchase a CBD product, it must be lab-tested by the third-party. The lab-testing also ensures you know that you are consuming the right products into your body. The CBD product must also comprise the contains it mentions in the packaging.  

The US- Grown Organic Cannabis

While purchasing CBD products, you must check the products are manufactured in all organic forms, which does not consume pesticides and harmful chemicals. The cannabis grown in the US is subjected to grow under the agricultural regulations that it doesn't contain more than 0.3% THC. 

Consuming CBD and Its 4 Major Methods-

Inhaling CBD

One of the fastest ways of consuming CBD oil is by inhaling it. Inhaling effects quickly because it straight goes to your bloodstream and lungs. Inhaling has 2 major ways of consuming CBD, such as vaping and smoking.

Vaping CBD Oil

Using a vaporizer pen, you can easily vape CBD oil. There are various tools for vaping, even for newbies. There is also a starter kit accessible that offers you the best healing therapeutic effect as a start out CBD oil vaping kit.
Vaping is the best alternative to smoking. It offers a smooth possible effect than smoking, which actually gives you a harsh feel when you intake in your lungs and throat when you smoke CBD oil or medical marijuana.


  • Vaping CBD oil has no harsh smoke to irritate your lungs and throat.
  • Vaping has a high concentration that gives you maximum possible effects.
  • You can control the dosage amount in vaping.


  • Vaping requires extra purchases such as vaping accessories and CBD vape pen.
  • Vaping high concentration might be beyond what you want to feel.

Smoking CBD Oil

You can also inhale CBD oil by smoking it. There are various tools to smoke CBD oil, such as oil rigs, which are similar to the water pipe. It works when you heat the chamber called the nail, where you place CBD oil concentrate. With the help of dabber, you can put the concentrated CBD oil into the nail. It produces the CBD oil that concentrates on smoke, which you inhale. 
Another way of smoking CBD is by rolling the high CBD marijuana. However, smoking by rolling CBD marijuana will also contain some THC in it, which will also give you a psychoactive effect. 


  • Smoking is the fastest way of consuming CBD oil 
  • Smoking has the highest CBD oil concentration.
  • Smoking CBD oil can manage consumption.


  • Smoking can be hard on the throat and lungs.
  • Smoking CBD oil needs additional tools such as oil rig, joint paper, dabber.
  • High concentration can be higher than some people want.


Another way to consume CBD oil is by a topical application, which means that in the form of balm, ointment, or lotion, applying on your skin. The topical method is the easiest method of consuming CBD oil, as it doesn’t require any special tool or not any specific measures to know how to use. Just the simplest way is to know the dosage quantity of lotion or balm to apply on your skin.
The topical method is the best for migraines, sore muscles, and various skin conditions like acne. The balm or lotion can be applied directly on to any sore areas, such as a sore back, neck, or feet. You can also use it to your forehead to quickly relieve migraine problems. 


  • Easy to use.
  • No extra tools or accessories required.
  • Best for chronic pain and sore muscles.
  • Topical applications have the mildest effects of all the consumption methods.


  • The topical method has the mildest effect, so you might require more CBD for your therapy.
  • Topical methods affect quickly, which also did not last for a longer time as compared to other methods.


For sublingual methods, you have to purchase CBD oil tinctures. The CBD oil tincture bottle looks like an eye drop bottle. The tinctures are consumed by taking a few drops (as directed by your consultant associated with your medical conditions) under your tongue from the dropper bottle. You have to grip under your tongue for about 30 seconds and then swallow.
This method is simple, very effective, and also gives you a well-being calm feeling. Even it is believed that it is good to consume or add pure hemp oil concentration to our regular routine.


  • Tinctures give you a long-lasting effect.
  • Tinctures dosage can be controlled easily.
  • Tinctures are easy to use and do not require any extra accessories or tools.   
  • Discreet -- you can use them in public naturally without drawing anyone’s attention.


  • Tincture consumption results differ from person to person.
  • Tincture effects are a little slow when compared to Inhaling and Topical application methods of CBD consumption.
  • A very few tinctures also contain alcohol content in it- before purchasing, look for the ingredients, and look for oil if it is created by using vegetable glycerin.

Ingestion or Edible 

CBD oil also comes in edible form. It is like adding CBD to your favorite food. It is also a fun and better way to consume CBD. It comes in various edible forms such as CBD gummy bears or lollipops. CBD edible can get in full-spectrum form. 
Besides, you can also purchase CBD to separate your gummies. You can also use your own CBD edibles like CBD-infused butter or pasta. You must keep in mind the quantity to put into your edibles. 


  • CBD in edibles form has a long-lasting result of all CBD consumption methods.
  • Practically limitless options of the way to create and consume CBD edibles.
  • It is a very convenient method of consumption, just like eating any other edible.


  • Edibles give almost 4 hours of effects.
  • Getting the right dose can be difficult and takes some experimentation.

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