How to Buy CBD Oil on Amazon?

Team CBDOils.Guide | Jul 02, 2020

While shopping for CBD on the e-commerce sites, you might have noticed that lately, there has been an increasing interest in listing CBD oil on Amazon. The widespread demand for CBD has made it bring CBD on to the significant physical retailer's shelves like Kroger, CVS, and Neiman Marcus. However, it was quite amazing to find that CBD is being quickly sold on Amazon and with strict regulations.

Initially, when heard about this, everyone thought that this might be some practical joke. Still, after searching for CBD on amazon, it was actually displaying results for CBD products such as Pure CBD Oils, Organic CBD Oil, and CBD Oil. It is also offering fast delivery within 2 days for prime membership holders. Yes! You can actually buy CBD oil on Amazon. 

Amazon has been selling the CBD product for a couple of years. Amazon has a variety of CBD products, and buying CBD via a trusted platform like Amazon feels like it is too good to be true.

The Problem with CBD Oil on Amazon

There are only a few CBD products available on Amazon from the established brand. There is also a vast number of CBD products that appear to be very common, which can't be found anywhere except Amazon.

Amazon has a variety of CBD products, and most of those products were labeled with a very high MG concentration. However, those high MG concentrate CBD products were priced very inexpensive than other typical CBD products. For example,- Amazon claims that for a CBD product, which has 17,500 mg is being sold for just $10.99. Now you also can say that it's too good to be true and you're most definitely right.

The Truth About CBD Oil on Amazon

Late 2019, the Federal Law has legalized the hemp-derived CBD under the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018. However, the FDA has not yet established any clear regulations for CBD. This is the reason why the various e-commerce platforms, including Amazon, are managing its existing policies till FDA did not approve further clarification on regulation. Amazon has a policy on CBD products and other 'drugs and drug paraphernalia.' 

As a method of overcoming or bypassing this regulation complication, a few of the CBD brands would label its CBD products as 'hemp extract,' 'hemp oil,' or 'hemp oil extract' instead of labeling it as 'CBD Oil.' In spite of presenting the clear issues by this improper use of words and swapping the labels, all this is because it is against the Amazon policy of sling CBD. However, it is the most common practice in the industry, performed from several years just to stayover under the radar of strict government control.

However, hemp extract is not a random term that came out from somewhere. The CBD companies who have listed their product on Amazon are advised to label it as a 'hemp extract' to stay on the platform and make money. To be clear, the term hemp extract is not false to use for the CBD oil.

Considering this as a situation where many CBD vendors are utilizing this way as a loophole to make use of the industry's lack of regulatory structure and trick those shoppers who are shopping for CBD on Amazon. 

The CBD products on Amazon might appear very indistinguishable to the actual CBD products. However, they are in real nothing more than a Hemp Oil or Hemp Seed Oil labeled bottles, which contain CBD in it. Check for the ingredients list, the label 'hemp extract,' itself mentions that the product has hemp content and active ingredients. Also, higher MG of hemp extract suggests a higher amount of CBD in the product. 

How to Avoid CBD Oil Scams on Amazon?

For new CBD users, the current pervasiveness of these CBD oil confusion happening on Amazon has unfortunately created a little difficult shopping environment for CBD buyers. If you are purchasing from a recommended or trusted established genuine CBD brand that you have tried earlier, then that option is safer to buy and consume. 

Among all the e-commerce platforms, Amazon is a great marketplace platform where you can get a few amazing deals on every product. While shopping online for CBD, you must choose an Amazon platform for the purchasing of CBD products as well.

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