How to Buy CBD Oil?

Team CBDOils.Guide | Jul 02, 2020

Sometimes the products are mislabeled, and the lack of FDA regulations on cannabis derivatives and products can create confusion in identifying the selection of correct oil.

CBD or cannabidiol is incorrectly interpreted as a dietary supplement. Many people also get confused about the difference between THC and CBD. Even if some people understand the difference, then they lack the identification of pure CBD oil- as it is not guaranteed due to the lack of regulations of government on how it's produced and sold.

4 Steps To Follow for Buying Pure CBD Oil-

What are the Types Of CBD Oil?

CBD oil has 2 types- extracted from hemp plants and extracted from marijuana, which typically contains >0.3% THC. CBD works and results best when used the best high-quality CBD. While buying pure CBD oil, you have to check for the different levels of purity. Few companies add fillers to make the manufacturing process inexpensive and bag more money from new and unsuspecting consumers. This is why it is essential to have complete knowledge about what to while buying CBD oil. There are 3 forms of CBD such as-

Raw CBD 

Raw CBD, also called cannabidiolic acid. It is the purest form of CBD found in the cannabis plant. It is the acidic ancestor to CBD, beginning as CBDa. Using the CO2 method, the oil is extracted from the cannabis plant, then packaged without being altered.

Decarboxylation CBD 

CBDa is converted to CBD via a Decarboxylation process, which creates CBD oil without losing all the phytonutrients found in the raw compound. It contains plant matter in less amount.

Filtered Oil CBD

The final form of CBD is the filtered oil CBD. It is created by filtering the Decarboxylated CBD to extract any leftover plant parts. Filtered oil has the highest concentration of CBD, which is ~25% compared to ~15%. However, it lacks the phytonutrients from plant matter. This is the best form of CBD that does not care about the plant benefit.

What do You Need to Know about CBD?

You must understand the basic requirements for CBD products such as- 


CBD oil can be consumed in the form of edibles, and taste is probably a significant factor. CBD is available in tinctures and the vapor produced by e-liquids, available in various flavors such as mint or vanilla. The concentrates, pastes, and other strong CBD products taste more like hemp, due to the high CBD concentration. It tastes like grassy and earthy, somewhat similar to wheatgrass. Some people who don't want to taste hemp can try alternatives like topical balms or capsules.


CBD is quite expensive, and if you find inexpensive CBD products online, then it is impure or even complete rip-offs. Not all expensive CBD is pure, few are scammy, which increases the price to offer the illusion of quality. Be aware of the low-cost CBD oil. For the small bottle of High-quality CBD oil, it charges more than $40USD. Retailers offer lower charges than this, meaning that the retailer is taking a loss for some reason.

Time To Kick In

Few people need quick relief, whereas others prefer a slow release. For immediate effect, vaping is the best option. However, the body processes the compound quickly, so the effects usually do not last longer than an hour or two. For people who want slow standard relief, edibles and capsules take almost 20 minutes to 2 hours to break down in the stomach, and the effect lasts longer, nearly 4-6 hours, but are not that strong.

Ease of Use

Using CBD is easy if taken in the form of applying cream or taking pills. However, using vape is all about learning how to use, cleaning it, buying oils, etc. The easiest way is taking tinctures in a small, discreet way by placing 2 to 3 drops under the tongue.


Before purchasing CBD oil, look at the label to see how many milligrams (MG) of CBD content are in the product. As per the research, the average dose of CBD is about 10 to 20 MG daily. So the total volume of CBD should be divided by a single serving should be around roughly 300 MG in a four-ounce bottle.

How to Choose Product Type?

For purchasing CBD oil, it is essential to select the type of product. There are precisely 4 main ways to take it-

  • Inhalation- In the form of Smoking or Vaping.
  • Topical Application and Balms. 
  • Sublingual- In the form of Pastes and Tinctures.
  • Ingestion- In the form of Capsules and Edibles.

The selection of CBD consumption ways depends on each choice. The selection majorly depends on the taste and immediacy of the effects. However, the easiest and simple way of CBD consuming is in the form of tinctures or capsules.

How to Find a Trusted and Reputable CBD Company?

In this industry, there are several scammy companies online selling impure or fake CBD products. Before purchasing you must see a few things-

  • It must have fewer than 0.3% THC.
  • It must have a Certificate Of Analysis (COA). This certificate proves that CBD oil is pure and real. It also details where it is manufactured and which process is used for the extraction. If any company declines to offer you COA, do not purchase that CBD oil. 
  • It must have Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certified Logo.
  • It should not have unreasonable or unbacked claims. 
  • The CBD company's e-commerce page must have various information like the valid customer support phone number, email, etc. Before purchasing CBD from the brand, call the number and see if someone answers it and ask questions like 'Can you provide a COA for your products?'
  • Read customer reviews. It provides clear information about the product and the legitimacy of the firm.

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