How CBD Works with Leg Cramps?

Micheal Sandford | Dec 18, 2020

People who have experienced getting muscle cramps can understand better how painful it is. Cram is one of the problems you can get in every muscle. Sometimes, cramps can wake you up at night while sleeping. The leg is one of the places you get a cramp and as the day passes and you get older, the leg cramp may come frequently. There is a lot of talk going on about using CBD and the high benefits of CBD to reduce leg cramp frequency. In this article, we are going to come up with the outputs and tell you everything about leg cramps and tell us whether CBD is useful to reduce leg cramps or not.

What are Leg Cramps?

A leg cramp is nothing but a cramp that you get suddenly when your leg muscle gets tight. Basically, this type of condition you mostly get in calf muscles. However, this may affect your thighs sometimes. People who have good experience with leg cramps know that this pain can be around for a few hours. Most of the time, this type of problem occurs at night.

Generally, if your muscle is not tight then you may not come across this problem. For instance, if you are feeling difficulties and getting a vibe of tight muscle, you may get a leg cramp soon.

What is the Reason for Leg Cramps?

There are occasions where a leg cramp happens with no apparent explanation. These are called idiopathic leg cramps. However, there are also secondary leg cramps, which are a potential symptom of a more severe condition. Possible causes of such cramps include:

Most of the time when leg cramp happens without any problem or clue. And to those leg cramps, we called “Idiopathic leg cramps”. This cramp can also be called secondary leg cramps, which are capable of causing several other health problems like liver disease, pregnancy, kidney failure, alcohol use, vascular disease, diabetes, and many more. Besides, cramps can also be caused by doing different forms of medication, using strain, and many others.

How CBD Can Help Leg Cramps?

Well, the mammals' bodies already have an endocannabinoid system that always creates cannabinoids. When it comes to ECS, it comes with cannabinoids receptors like CB1 and CB2, which are everywhere in the brain and body. As far as cannabinoids are concerned, it acts and helps the body to function better in the best possible way. 

Basically, cannabinoids can be found in two different types like CBD and THC. CBD is a cannabinoid that helps your body naturally and improves multiple health issues. And THC is quite different and comes with direct impact. Both CBD and THC are useful in different ways and help you to enhance your mental and physical health. 

Consuming CBD can increase the level of benefits to enhance your body. CBD is useful and very advantageous to reduce pain and can help to manage both the brain and nerves that cause leg cramps. It will benefit you to scale down inflammation and improve the damaged area. Besides, it also helps you to develop a person’s mood.

How Cannabidol Works with Leg Cramps

Any Scientific Evidence of CBD to Help Leg Cramps?

Basically, a lot of researchers are looking into how CBD can help to deal with symptoms like leg cramps. Besides, muscle spasms and pain are some of the most common problems why people are preferring CBD and marijuana.  

As per the study of Pharmacology & therapeutics in 2002, the study says that CBD and TCH are capable of reducing muscle spasm and spasticity. According to the researcher, CBD and THC work well because of the activation of CB1 and CB2 receptors in the ECS. 

What About Leg Cramp Pain?

CBD can be a good option to reduce leg cramps and pain. Well, spasms are nothing but an inflammatory response. CBD will be very useful to decrease inflammation and pain, which is caused by leg cramps. As per the study published in Antioxidants in 2019 December, the researcher has looked into the properties of CBD in anti-inflammatory and antioxidative. 

The study concluded that ECS could easily help you to reduce stress and multiple other diseases. Eventually, CBD is one of the best solutions for pharmacotherapy to recover from health conditions. Even the research says that cannabinoids can be a good option to go ahead rather than using other phytocannabinoids for leg cramps.

Why Choose CBD for Leg Cramp?

People who are willing to try using CBD to help with cramps will get a variety of options to choose from. As far as oil is concerned, CBD oil can be an excellent pick to decrease or develop muscle cramps. CBD is one of the best forms of consumption that comes in different ranges and at an affordable price.

These days, a lot of people are using vaporizers. As per the proponents, they say that using CBD is the best choice because of bioavailability. Basically, consuming vape can help you in different ways. It can assist you to reduce pain in no time.

Besides, the other options are CBD topicals like a balm, cream, and many others. All you need to do is apply the cream or balm to the affected area and soon you will know the difference. You can use these steps and reapply a good amount of balm or cream when it's necessary. 

Final Review on Using CBD for Leg Cramp

Presently, the clinical evidence that CBD can help leg cramp is currently in lack. But, as the early research indicated that cannabinoids come with a good level of anti-inflammatory properties. It is very useful and impactful and is capable of decreasing the frequency of pain spasms and cramp in a very short time. These days, a lot of people are using prescription drugs or OTC to treat their leg cramp

However, the consumption of CBD is very different and it goes according to the body or individuals. So, those people who are looking to reduce their pain can quickly use CBD vape. A lot of people are trying their hands on CBD oil to stop leg cramps. Lots of individuals are looking for the best CBD topicals so that they can overcome leg gram problems without going through a lot of pain.


Well, CBD is one of the most crucial cannabinoids that not only benefits you mentally but also benefits you physically. CBD can be useful for you to overcome leg cramp issues if you are getting it frequently or once in a while. It comes with a good range of properties that can heal you properly without going through any therapy. Therefore, CND can be your go-to solution.

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